Fumiko’s Mushroom Velouté

Velouté à la Fumiko: sort of a capuccino

serves 4

  • 360 gr champignon
  • 30 gr shallots
  • 45 gr onions
  • 1 tsp olive oil
  • 20 gr butter
  • 80 gr fresh shiitake
  • 600 ml milk (400ml + 200ml)
  • 50 gr smoked bacom
  • some leaves of shiso

Chop shallots and onion with delicacy. Heat olive oil (low heat) in a casserole, add shallot and onion with some salt, cook slowly without colouring (add a tsp of water every now and then). Add the butter, then the champignon slices, continue cooking (slowly, steadily).

In the meantime, prepare the shiitake. Pull out the stems, break the hats into 5 to 6 pieces (by hand, that’s how Fumiko does it, I’ve seen it! So don’t you cut them with a knife!). Put aside.

Chop bacon into fine slices, cover with 200 ml of milk and heat (no cooking, just heating).

Pour 400 ml of milk (half-fat) into the mushroom casserole, then put its content into a mixer. Mix, taste, add salt, and put back into the casserole, keep warm.

Pan-fry the shiitake (in oil or butter, as you wish).

Prepare for serving: Fill (pre-heated) bowls with the champignon velouté, sprinkle in some pieces of fried shiitake. Get the bacon out of the milk, mix the smoked milk until foamy, then cover velouté with 3 to 4 tsps of this liquid. Top with some shiso leaves (red ones, by preference). Serve.

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