Fighting the holiday speck…

In the past four weeks of fancy summer holidays, my Body-Mass-Index has shot up from 25 to over 27. That doesn’t mean I’m obese already but I feel like rather hitting the break. So I’ve switched from pizza, pasta, barbecue and co. to the leaner, greener, cleaner stuff (at least for today), and I’ll try to steer clear from all the nicer things the Americans call “comfort food”, alas.

Yet in France, this is not a harsh punishment. The street markets and greengrocers deliver all you need to slim down without suffering too much. Home-made juices are a great thing, first of all, and the variety of salad is breath-taking. Try baby spinach leaves, lamb’s lettuce, rocket, snow pea or mustard shoots, radicchio or watercress – they can make a (frugal) feast.

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