You say tomato, I say tomates (farcies)!

Summer times are tomato times, at least in Europe where the “paradise apples”, as the Austrians say, are really good only between June and late August. But then they’re really good – and you can create simple, yet delicious dishes without limits. A very good idea is to stuff and bake them – as I just did.

I checked my cupboard and found: a can of tuna and one of sardines. I had shallots and thyme, breadcrumbs, some crème fraîche, black olives and parmesan in the fridge, and so the recipe built…I made two different stuffings: one based on tuna, shallots, thyme and cream, one made of sardines, chopped olives and mustard. The rest was a cakewalk: Mixing, filling, sprinkling breadcrumbs and some olive oil – and off my tomatoes went to the hot oven (for 30 minutes). See some steps and the result below. It was a light, pleasant dinner for a hot summer night.



  1. Dear Ullrich, I was just wondering if you used some of the tomato pulp too, in your fillings.
    You say tomate, I say pomodoro 😉
    And I also say thanks for your piece above, and for the pics.

    • Hi Luca,
      thanks for commenting. Ah, pomodori, j’adoore!
      Actually, I don’t use the pulp here. First, it waters down the filling; second, it is not very elegant. In fact, I would say, tomato pulp is a science of its own. When to use it? And how?

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