Everybody says: I love Lasagne

Home-made lasagne is a real treat, at our home so much so that whenever I ask my children what they really want to eat, say, on their birthday, they respond: LASAGNE.

That’s a lot of work, in fact, involving a lot of ingredients and time-consuming techniques. If you take the challenge seriously, you’ll have to make the whole thing from scratch – preparing your own pasta strips, a real ragù Bolognese style, you’ll need a full-blown Béchamel sauce and a lot of time, patience, endurance. Count six hours to get it done (cooking of the Bolognese sauce included).

But then, once ready, the magic happens: Lasagne is soul food, comfort food, call it whatever lovely names you like. Having prepared one always makes me feel like sort of an Italian mama, enjoying the love lights in my childrens’ eyes and their endless appetite.


    • That would make a long list…but it’s not rocket science: You combine three preparations – Bolognese sauce, pasta dough, Béchamel sauce – that you can find everywhere. I stick to Macella Hazan‘s approach when it comes to classic Italian cooking. She even makes a “green” lasagne, mixing the pasta dough with spinach which IS rocket science…

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