Get your hands dirty! It’s worth it.

I’ve told you about my cured cod adventures already and now, I did it again. I hardly know where my never-ending fascination for this picturesque ingredient is coming from. The truth might be that in my bustling hometown Paris the rustic pleasures make you dream of a more simple, natural, a real country life from time to time (or one at the shores of the sea).

Anyway, here are more ideas about how to treat this salty cod. To succeed you have to thoroughly de-salt the fish, and there are rules: Place the fish in a colander (skin side up) while soaking it in a large recipient filled with a lot of water for at least 48 hours. The drained salt will sink, so the fish shouldn’t touch the bottom. Change the water often.

I’ve pre-boiled the sliced potatoes and prepared a stiff tomato sauce. For the fish: It must simmer for a couple of minutes, starting in cold water. Then you pile up the whole thing, layer after layer. It’s quite a lot of work, but the result can be great. This one wasn’t excellent but pretty good. And it was gone in minutes, mainly because my kids loved it.

One comment

  1. Sounds delcious and simple. My kind of dish 🙂 I saw your photos of French cheese and got really excited. I’m a hard core cheese lover. I can’t resist raw milk, stinky cheese!

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