Meatless (Good) Friday! Some ideas.

When I was a child in rural Bavaria, my loving mother fed us ham and sausage sandwiches already for breakfast. She meant well, of course, and I developed into a die-hard carnivore. But then I left home to explore the world, went to live in France and the US and back, and that changed my culinary destiny, inevitably.

The carnivore by Bavarian birth became an omnivore, at times even a “flexivore” as the cool people say nowadays (there’s even more “-vores” check out this page). But anyway: There was one day in the course of the year, where even my mother didn’t serve meat and that was Good Friday. We always ate stockfish on that day, sprinkled – believe it or not – with crunchy cubes of pan-fried bacon…

To avoid such accidents, here are some ideas for a meatless Friday, let the pictures inspire you! And you might want to take a look into Mark Bittman’s excellent book “How to cook everything vegetarian”. It really helps. And there are some recipes here on the site!

One comment

  1. I think I would love your mother’s “fasting” with bacon 😉 I used to be a very carnivorous child (and still am!). Wonderful ideas for meatless meals!

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