So close to Good Friday: Detox!

Black radish: Sounds like a heavy metal band but is in fact very, very light.

Black radish: Sounds like a heavy metal band but is in fact very, very light.

You can’t run on Dunkin’, beefsteak and French cheese alone, so from time to time it’s detox time. I know, French cuisine has an anti-veggie image. Vegetarians who have travelled the country come home with nightmarish stories about loveless platters of crudités and the many insults by angry waiters they had to suffer (I found that pic on, thanks!). But these times are gone.

Not only do many French bistros and restaurants have vegetarian options nowadays. International influences from India, Thailand, Malaysia, you name it, have changed the Radiseveryday culture, too. The overall awareness that green stuff doesn’t necessarily mean bland food has widely spread. Top chefs have joined in, the bloggers and websites had their share, so I think it’s fair to say: Nowadays, in France, and in French restaurants, you can eat healthy, light, I guess even vegan, if you like to do so.

DetoxBut anyway. I just wanted to point out one vegetable the French really like, especially during the winter season. It’s the black radish and it makes a great little salad: you peel it, grate it, season it. Combine two tablespoons of white wine vinegar, one tablespoon of honey, one of crème fraiche (or some neutral oil), add salt and pepper, replace the honey by a little mustard or a little not-so-French Wasabi – and off you go feeling good about your healthy life. Have a glass of water with it, for once!

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