Here’s to a bottle of Cheval Blanc…

…which I had – amongst too many others – with dear friends on New Year’s eve.

You might have mentioned that my blog was down for a while due to my other workload, yet this was too memorable to be skipped. We were four around the table, it was the 31st of December, you know, we were waiting for 2011, we had steamed shrimps and stuffed lamb and stuff and, yes, we drank far too much, but who cares. In fact, the lovely night was building up just around a single bottle: a Chateau Cheval Blanc 2001.

Climbing up the ladder, on top: a Cheval Blanc.

If you’re familiar with Bordeaux wines, you’ll agree that this marks one of these once-in-a-lifetime-opportunities. And with it came the full risk of complete frustration. It can well happen that you invest in one of these legendary Chateaux’, betting on a great moment in your life – but the bottle turns out to be just good which is definitely not enough when you’re spending 500, 600 Euros or dollars on a single bottle of wine. Fortunately, we were luckier.

To tell the truth, I’m lacking words to describe the sensation of the Cheval Blanc we had. You might know the funny metaphors wine critics are using when they want to nail down the unspeakable. They write about wild berries, new world flavours, touches of vanilla, notes of leather, well, maybe our Cheval Blanc had some of those, too, I don’t know. What I know is that we’ve shared a magic moment. Sitting around a bottle of wine in silence. Concentrating on the pleasures to come. Sniffing. Tasting. Swallowing. Beaming. Talking a lot about our experience. Guessing how this was possible at all. It was, believe me, the best bottle of wine I’ve had in my life. And I had a lot.


  1. FUCHS Alain

    Une bien belle manière d’entrer dans la nouvelle année, c’est en effet un trés trés grand vin … Happy New Year …!

    • Une vraie merveille, Alain, on est d’accord. Et franchement, tant que j’aime la cuisine japonaise à la Fumiko Kono et bien d’autres (comme vous!) – les rois de boissons parlent encore français, quand même…

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