Seafood feasts…

…require substantial investments, unfortunately, but then there are hardly meals more satisfying, more festive, more splendid. In Paris, you’ll go Rive Gauche to hunt down your perfect, wild seafood and sooner or later you’ll end up buying your fish and shellfish at Poissonnerie du Dome close to Tour Montparnasse where they sell fare that is normally reserved to the best restaurants in town.

Perfect seafood: steamed "langoustines" with a Japanese twist.

Over the weekend I had such a feast, consisting of a giant spider crab, oysters and the guys pictured above, langoustines, huge and fleshy, which I steamed for a couple of minutes over a Japanese dashi broth – we’ve got a real kick out of them.

Giant monster crab: look at the fork to get an idea of its size!

I’ve bought the crab pre-cooked, in fact I wouldn’t have known how (and how long) to steam it, it was the biggest crab I’ve encountered so far, 1.8 kilograms…And then, we had a dozen of royal oysters, Marennes d’Oléron No.3, can’t get much better than this – and so we decided to swallow it all down with champagne and Chablis, in other words: you may hate me for such a decadent banquet but I don’t care. This was worth it and it’ll stay in my culinary memory for long.

Marennes d'Oléron No.3: can't get much better.

And here’s where you buy the stuff, a glimpse of the Poissonnerie du Dome, where people are queueing day after day, they know why.

Temple of seafood: you have to go Rive Gauche.

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