Weird water chestnuts…

…and yet not that weird when you chop them in tiny cubes, mix them with ground pork, ginger, spring onions, soy sauce, sesame oil and some tapioca starch – and fabricate your own filling for delicious dim sums. Still, I’ve always wondered how to use them in the kitchen and now I’ve even found fresh ones at a Chinese grocery store in the Marais.

When I check the web, I find apéro chestnuts wrapped and oven-baked in a slice of bacon, sounds not too bad. Stumbled on a recipe for a thai-style salad as well. But is that it? Isn’t there more to this delicious fruit? Help me out friends! Send me water chestnuts recipes, please. Ellen! You must know some!

Chop chop: water chestnuts aren't only good for fillings.

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