Spinach is good for you…

…as long as you wash and drain it properly, two times, three times, get rid of the sand! In France, you can buy fresh, young baby leaves at every corner, and they are particularly delicious. Keep it simple: Use some oil (or butter), some garlic, some shallots, then add the leaves (without drying them), some salt and pepper (nutmeg fits well or ground coriander) – and only a couple of minutes later you’re ready to go.

This one’s nice, too: yesterday, I reduced some crème fraîche with shallots before adding the spinach. Very good indeed. You could think of spicing it up with mustard, sure. Or adding some Parmesan flakes in the end. Curry is an option, lime juice, hot peppers (why not?). Would soy sauce work, too? Hard to imagine.

Baby spinach: ready-to-eat in only a couple of minutes.

Perfect side dish: creamy, spicy spinach.

Spinach fits: here it comes with pan-fried red mullets (and Paris baguette).


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