Stop cooking tomatoes…

…in order to peel them, please! When I check my recipe books for “how to peel tomatoes” I find a lot of bad advice and many wrong suggestions. “Sink them into boiling water for 10 minutes” – Jesus Christ! After that they’ll have a consistency of slubbery sludge. You want to peel a tomato? Well, just use your good old kettle or one of these fancier electric ones (coming with built-in filters nowadays).

Here’s how I do it, it’s a very short photo love story in three chapters, starring 5 tomatoes and Brita (she’s hot!):

Put the tomatoes-to-peel in the kitchen sink (and remove the sponge, unlike me)...

Pour boiling water all over...

Peel the guys, and that's it, you're ready to go on.

You see? It’s no big deal. With this method you don’t waste time and precious energy and the tomatoes stay firm and fresh, just waiting to be used in any way you want. Never boil tomatoes again! Swear it!


  1. One kettle of boiling water should be largely sufficient to hit five or six tomatoes all over. It is true though, there might be spots where the skin still sticks a bit…yet these areas are pretty tiny and won’t bother you. Just check it out! It works.

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