Picturesque Oslo…

…is offering weird views when you’re high up on one of the hotel towers surrounding the Norwegian capital. I had dinner tonight (or let’s say: a cocktail dinatoire!) on the 34th floor of the Radisson Blu Plaza where an international conference about world finance and job creation unfolds. You think I’m kidding, don’t you? But it’s true!

Out there, that's Oslo: routine catering on the inside.

The finance minister of Norway gave a welcome speech, a lot of policy celebrities were wandering around, then the buffet was open – and here’s what I’ve found:

Salmon and - what? The kebab on the right turned out to be chicken.

You know, many people think that politicians and other powerful people only get the best and at any time. From my experience I know it isn’t true. And Oslo tonight made no exception. A state-sponsored buffet, yes. But even states have to control expenses nowadays, even in oil-rich Norway. Look at my finger food selection:

Finger food in Oslo: just so-so, actually.

Now what have we got here? I’ll tell you, starting with the spoon on top loaded with some well-seasoned crayfish and then clockwise on: there’s a cake – but what was it made of? I have no idea. Next to it (sitting on 3 o’clock) there’s a tartelette topped with a foie-gras-cream, then an omelette roll filled with something I couldn’t identify. On 6 o’clock we have a salmon skewer, pretty terrible, and on 9 o’clock sort of a fish bruschetta that Italians would have refused to eat. Welcome to Scandinavia! And please mention the hole in the plate (at the bottom) – it’s left for sticking your glass in (which many people here did, especially the ever practical Americans and Germans).

Now you might think: food is not a real issue when it comes to an international conference on world finance, and I fully agree. On the other hand, who knows: maybe the outcome of those conferences would be better if the food was better, too? Well, don’t get me wrong: atmosphere was good up there over Oslo, warm and welcoming, and people were talking and chatting a lot – in all languages – very nice. Tomorrow is the big day. Eight hours of talks about how to save the world. I wish them luck!

Working for a better world: waiters in Oslo.

One comment

  1. Anton Bergdrof

    Wow, you are in OSLO, that is the best place IN THE WORLD! Can’t wait to read the blog on Tuesday! Because I know where your going! hihihi lots of Norwegian Love! Anton

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