A mackerel fest…

…is a cheap and delicious feast rounding up your weekend on a Sunday night. I had got six nice fish, cut the fillets out (I’ve even skinned them – there’s a condom-like skin on the skin, so have your sharpest knife ready!) and I marinated them the Japanese way. You salt them first for two hours or so, then drown them in a ginger-scented rice vinegar for another hour. That gives you enough time to prepare a véritable sushi rice and that’s it. For the cross-over feeling you can pan-fry some fillets coated with flour, the rest you enjoy marinated-raw. Quite good, no: really good. And cheap!

A mackerel feast: a bit Japanese, a bit cross-over.

Please take a look at the new Cheese! section up  in the menu. Every week or so I will present one of the noble French cheese varieties to you – beginning this Sunday with the small yet fabulous Crottin de Chavignol. Life is too short to eat industrial cheese!

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