(French) green beans set the pace…

…when it comes to avoiding calories. That’s quite boring and not a good argument to eat them, I agree. But I like their taste, too, as long as they’re prepared properly. How to do it? It’s pretty easy: you add as much salt to the boiling water as you can afford. The water really has to be salty. Very salty. After that, they can make a beautiful ingredient of a salade gourmande or come alone as a simple side dish. The nutritional value of 100 grams (3.5 oz) is only 31 calories! Imagine! And they contain lots of vitamin C, a good dose of iron and potassium – so I’m sure Michael Pollan will soon write a whole book about them. Anyway: I had some tonight. I strongly recommend you have some, too!

All you can eat: beans make a powerful diet.

And by the way: Until January 2011, you could see a beautiful exhibition in Paris, in the Cité des Sciences out in Parc de la Villette. It’s covering our food, it’s made for children, it’s called: “Bon Appetit!” and it features green beans, too. See the picture below, it shows one of the installations of the exhibition. A plate of beans is competing with a piece of a chocolate bar, a potatoe chip, and so on. It’s striking: One single potatoe chip is worth a good portion of beans…

Competing calories: green beans always win.

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