A pizza robot? In France!?

The answer is yes and I’ve seen it recently while travelling in lovely Brittany. Unfortunately, I forgot the small town’s name where it tinkers around – I only remember that it was somewhere close to Nantes and built into the annexe of a quite awful restaurant where we had lunch while taking a break from driving.

I didn't trust my eyes, frankly...

The “Pizzap” was as ugly as you would imagine it to be, it’s inscriptions boasting with “hand-made pizza”, with freshness and a thousand varieties (“Savoyarde” for instance, with bacon and mountain cheese, hmmm!) – and with speed, of course: the machine promises to deliver within 3 minutes, and it accepts even credit cards.

Robot pizza, ready in 3 minutes. Can it be true?

You want to see the pizza now, don’t you? That’s what I wanted. But, truth be told, the machine was out of order that day, so we’ll never know what this robot is worth. On the other hand: we all know the answer, don’t we?

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