Here we go again, summer was good

…and now we’re back to celebrate la rentrée, France’s eternal yearly ritual of starting all over again (or at least pretending to do so). I imagine you must be starving, longing for new posts on Frenchfoodfool, and if so, welcome back! But before we push the reload button and head on, I’ll give you a slide show covering these past weeks, an impression of what I (and we, family, friends, strangers) have eaten and enjoyed. Have you missed anything? Well, absolutely: some sumptuous oysters enjoyed in Brittany, for instance; a Tapas feast out there on lovely Ile d’Yeu; Mese stuff greek-style in sunburnt Cyprus; Asian morsels home-made in my kitchen in Paris; mussels à la marinière, collected with my own hands in Normandy, steamed in white wine, shallots and tomatoes; and and and… I sincerely hope you had some good days and meals, too. And if you want to share your experiences, feel free to do so!

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One comment

  1. Georg

    Hello Ullrich, good to see you again. Obviously in a good mood and well-fed. I’m looking forward to your next posts. To cut a long story short: Welcome back!

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