Summer’s here, I’m sorry to tell you…

…that Frenchfoodfool is going on holidays. I know, I know: This will be hard for all of us (and it’ll bring clickrates to zero point zero, alas!). But try to do it my way during the rough times: Switch off your computers and go back to nature for a while, enjoying the sea, some fresh air, the salty water, the sun – and pop into a nice trattoria, a bistrot, a food stall wherever you roam. I’ll be very happy to meet you again by the end of August or so, when Paris finally gets back to normal and celebrates the big French “rentrée”. Have a very good time!
By the way: It would be a good idea to subscribe to the blog now, wouldn’t it? Then you won’t miss anything once I go back to work! (Find the subscribe button on the right column of the homepage!)

"Closed" is such an ugly word: it's just a break!


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