Have shrimps on a hot summer night…

…steamed and topped with a well-seasoned butter mix, you don’t need more to be decently fed. It’s a perfect dish for the 14th of July celebration, France’s holiest holiday. The masses will gather on the Champs-Elysées to commemorate the revolutionary days of 1789…well, ok, I’m kidding. Nowadays, it’s not about commemoration, instead you will find lots of drunken guys waiting to be kissed and, honestly, if I was a woman, I would try to avoid the most famous boulevard of Paris tomorrow night. Yes, I’ll miss the fireworks (worth 500.000 Euros, that’s 635.000 US$ – just for fun!), but I’ll have fun with these little fellows that look kind of disgusting in the first place:

As long as they're raw, they're not looking nice: shrimps.

I use the deep frozen product, I could get fresh ones on the markets but in France you can find excellent shrimps coming packaged from Madagascar, they can boast certificates as if they were made by state-run health organisations so I trust them (and the carbon footprint, well, yes, that’s another story…) As you can see above I split the raw shellfish into halves – and I spread a butter mix on the morsels, consisting of salted butter, basil, mustard, dried tomatoes and grated Parmesan cheese. Afterwards, they look like this, still not very tempting, you might say:

Raw shrimps with a herbed butter on top: ready to steam.

But wait a second until they’re cooked in the large Chinese steamer (for only five minutes or even less!) – only then you can judge this meal and you’ll find it delicate, noble and festive, a feast that you might want to serve with rice or bread and which definitely demands a hearty white wine like a Château Le Chec from Graves which is, in itself, a marvel. What do you say? You don’t celebrate the 14th of July? Never mind: you’ll always find a good reason to enjoy good food.

You might call it finger food but its a feast: steamed shrimps.

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