Out here on my own…

…was a hit ballad song once you might have forgotten or never heard, I always loved it, actually, and I still do like it, I found it on youtube just a couple of minutes ago and was asking myself what might have happened to Irene Cara? Anyway – I’m on my own this week, family is gone which is nice for a change on the one hand and on the other it isn’t, of course. I miss our dinners and I miss cooking for my loved ones in this oven-hot Paris we have got right now. The sushi I ordered for my solo dinner was good though, and I admit that I went back to “sushishop” that I once hammered here for their tuna policies. But what can you do: I had a boss once who used to say that only oxes were consequent at each and any time. I always thought that he was right without telling him.

Thinking about Irene Cara: a solo sushi dinner.

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