Fast food for football feasts…

…quite often comes from pizza delivery services – and I’ve never understood why. It takes 5 minutes to make your home-made pizza dough, it takes 5 minutes to dress your pizza, it takes 15 minutes to bake it in your oven – and in between, yes, it takes one or two hours or so to let the dough go. The final product is superior to any pizza you can buy. The deep-frozen ones clearly are terrible, they contain industrial ingredients of depressing origins and the same is true for the pieces made by call-a-pizza-stalls. Only when you do it yourself you can keep control over what you and your loved ones eat in the end. And only then you’ll get a tasty, fresh pizza covered with decent ham, for instance, with first class cheese, tasty tomatoes, with sardines or tuna or whatever you like.

Here’s a tip: I hardly use mozzarella cheese when I prepare a pizza. I always use parmesan cheese, real Parmigiano which gives your pizza a hearty twist. Look at the slideshow; it’s really easy. And it’s good!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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