Cool down with cucumber…

…when the summer heat is on in your city. In Paris, we have days of canicule right now – that’s a European kind of heat wave that Australians, Indonesians or Africans would find quite laughable, I guess. But we don’t have that settler-style toughness, so we start suffering when the temperatures hit 30° Celsius (86° F) during the day and don’t fall below 20°C  (68°F) at night. That’s exactly where we are in Paris these days, summer is here finally, and the happy few have fridges full of well-chilled white and rosé wines and a cold cucumber soup ready to serve.

Cool dish for sweating people: chilled cucumber soup.

You don’t need much to get there, two cucumbers will do for four people, some herbs, a shallot, one clove of garlic if you like, salt, pepper – and lots of yoghurt, that’s almost it. Your cutter will do the “cooking” and I’ll tell you how it works in the recipe section soon. For today, let me leave you with just some more stills from my kitchen, taken on a very hot and humid evening; we’re waiting for a thunderstorm, you know.

Cucumber soup in the making: peel them and take out the soft flesh.

You can’t feed your children and yourself with just a cucumber soup? I know. That’s why I’ve added a home-made basil mayonnaise to the menu – and the fish guy around the corner sold some beautiful crevettes. Served with baguette – it was a simple, yet quite opulent feast. And the Chateau Le Chec, a white Bordeaux wine from Graves has been good company, too.

Madagascar shrimps, basil mayonnaise: a simple feast.

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