A thousand and one meal…

…can be made of fresh raw shrimps, if you find any in your neighbourhood. It’s one of these products you can buy without having a recipe in mind already. ‘Cause there’s as many options to cook them as you have kitchen ware at hand.

You could use your wok, frying the shellfish together with almost any vegetable that you find in your fridge. You can deep-fry them just coated in a tempura or any other dough. You could think about bringing out your steamer and cook them with some herbed butter. Or you wrap the shrimps together with basil leaves in small slices of cured ham and bake the morsels in the oven. Grilling them is an option, turning them into a farce for dim sum, too. A chicken broth with shrimps, tofu and peas is considered a remedy in China. Scrambled eggs with shrimps are a hearty breakfast in northern countries. Just cook them in salted water and serve them with half a lemon as a snack or mix them with exotic fruit to have a salad or sear them together with hot chili peppers and peanuts to go the Sichuan way. You see: there’s many ways to have fun. It’s just a matter of opening your mind and of being ready for the great food adventure.

One ingredient, a thousand options: fresh raw shrimps.

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