Satay means: get your hands dirty…

…while fumbling with marinated chicken strips in order to get them on skewers somehow. It IS ugly but you’ll be rewarded with nice food. I’ve seen a street vendor once in Jakarta who prepared his stall for lunchtime. In my memory HE managed to put the pieces together without getting his hands dirty at all – and in no time, of course. He produced 80, 90 satay in the same time I need for only ten of them. And then I don’t have one of these chic black charcoal-grills they use over there in Indonesia. But anyway, you can get somewhere and my own satay results aren’t that bad. Forgot to take a picture of the final product this time, sorry. So please check this page to get an idea.

The peanuts make the dish: Indonesian-style satay in the making.

You won't stay clean: chicken in sticky satay marinade.

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