A profound question about food…

…that you can chew on over the weekend. You know, I’ve always liked these games where you’re asked what REALLY counts in life. And I’ve always hated people who say: “mobile phone” when asked what they would bring on a desert island. Boo!

Now here’s my question to you. Think twice. Have fun. This is a mouth-watering game!


  1. Vincent

    I voted for the Coquille Saint-Jacques (22% !), and I hope we have lots of nice Assiettes de Fromage left to share together before I die… Cheers !

  2. Anton Bergdorf

    Ulli your are the master of blogs and NOW the Quiz Master, The FoodFoolMasterQuizJapanLoverEnglandWillBetYouSauceBread! love! Anton

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