Give me a baba, with lots of rum…

…to help me forget what’s happening down on Knysna’s “Field of Dreams” in South Africa where the French national football team is going to pieces. Whether you’re familiar or not with names like Domenech or Anelka – you might have heard of what’s happening: the French players were on strike, imagine, their coach is humiliated, the mission chief has resigned, the top striker was sent home, the French newspapers and TV stations report as if on drugs, it’s a national drama and some commentators compare it with the darkest hours when the country was defeated by the Germans, imagine…

Well, we’ll better calm down. And the baba au rhum is a dessert that makes you slow down, especially when you’re preparing it at home, it’s sort of a culinary tranquilizer, you either be cool or you can forget it, so it’s a perfect task for my wife Martina who is a very skilled and very patient pâtissière. Preparing a baba means sacrificing a lot of time, of energy, it means investing lots of love and that’s why it still has to be considered one of the top five or so classics of French sweets. You’ll find it on the menu of top addresses (like Alain Ducasse at Plaza Athénée, check the menu for the 32-Euros-Baba), it’s served by good bistros (like Le Paul Bert), and myriads of others dare sell the industrial versions. Here’s a good French recipe (in French), haven’t found a convincing one in English, will publish ours soon.

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