Mother nature sits on my window sill…

…and gives birth to the herbs I need day by day. There’s basil and thyme, rosemary and mint, they’re standing in clay pots like brave little soldiers ready for combat in sauces and terrines, in stews and salads. I’ve never understood why people spend money on those basic ingredients that everybody can grow at home. You really don’t need a garden, you don’t need much space. It just takes half an hour, if at all, to plant these green friends at some point in spring – and they will bear fruit for months to come. And you, as the gardener of your city, can enjoy the feeling to harvest at least a tiny portion of your own food, celebrating Thanksgiving whenever you want to.

Basil and mint, rosemary and thyme: a garden on a window sill.


  1. Anton Bergdorf

    I have a few things to give you, like peppermint etc, coming soon dear German Football friend!

    ps. waiting for the PEPPERBLOG!!

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