One of the worst salads in the world…

is served at Houlihan’s restaurant in Terminal E of Boston Logan Airport. I can tell because I had it yesterday, shortly before flying back to Europe and I admit that I was kind of impressed by the shockingly poor quality of the food served here. My steak & wedge salad looked as if the main shelf in the kitchen had collapsed onto the plate. There hardly is a better explanation for this wild composition, an outright cacophony forcing together beef and bacon, pecan nuts and sour creme, asparagus and pumpkin, cherry tomatoes and red onions, croûtons and a chunk of iceberg lettuce as big as half a football, topped, no kidding, by a slice of Gorgonzola cheese!

You sit, you’re trapped. You eat, you’re desperate. Your body needs calories but your soul and spirits will starve. I would have liked to see the cook. I would have told him that the force is not with him; and that he should really think about changing his life.

Salad at Houlihan's: you really think about calling the police.


  1. Anton Bergdorf

    In my world that is first class travel food, where I come from we stole buns and butter from hotels when travelling, so I would kill for cheese and meat like that. so eat and enjoy it. Anton

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