Nightmare on Brick street…

…might be the appropriate title for a horribly failed lunch I’ve just prepared. Yes, these things happen, and I don’t want to hide them away, they make part of my happy culinary life, too. What actually happened? Well, I had the idea of wrapping some nice Chavignol goat cheese in brick dough crêpes, brush the packages with olive oil and bake them in the oven. I know several bistros where this is done, too, and I never thought about the possibility that it could be a tricky dish. How wrong I was: my packages opened while baking (all of them), the cheese ran away over the tray – and I still have no idea why. Seems I have to study the brick problem further.

Expect the unexpected: burst brick packages.


  1. thanks for sharing the disaster as well as the triumphs–always hard to have something not turn out after working hard on it. Good luck for the next round!…damn the torpedoes!

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