Come meet Monsieur Parmentier…

…whose tombstone on the famous Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris displays potatoes and potato-crushing machines, you know, ’cause Mr. Antoine-Augustin Parmentier was the French frontman of potato education (he died in the early 19th century, search for his grave in Paris here) and he left a still famous dish called Hachis Parmentier which used to be (and still is, sort of) a poor peoples’ dish. In nowadays France, it’s served regularly in school canteens, it’s a standard dish in the dried and deep-frozen departments of the supermarkets, and it’ll be best, of course, if the ingredients are home-made. You’ll need: the leftovers of a roast or of meat boiled in a soup; a big onion; some jus or broth or stock; potatoes, milk, some grated cheese; a hot oven. Here’s what you get:

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