A light supper closing the weekend…

…in Paris quite often consists of the leftovers from lunch. Parts of a roast find themselves transformed into a delicious Hachis Parmentier, the stew from midday might have turned into a jelly while cooling down – just to be served with a salad on the side in the evening. A sandwich or oven-roast toast can be produced in no time with some surplus fish or cheese or vegetables or whatever it is. It’s good to use what you have (and had), you could even feel sort of sustainable…

Yet you are really lucky, if you happen to have bought too many fat red shrimps and have to eat them for dinner again. Well, that was my case tonight. Have a look at an extremely plush supper consisting of: huge shrimps, rocket salad, tomatoes, nice bread. You talk about the financial crisis? Well, that’s what I do: For the moment, I don’t save any money anymore (or “invest” it in order to stuff smarter people’s purses). I simply spend it, yet I prefer to say that I subsidize French farmers, fishermen, butchers, winemakers.

Good to see you again: surplus shrimps served as dinner.

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