A bottle of red, a bottle of white…

…at the Baron Rouge you will find all you need for a nice apéro or rustic lunch or dinner, or you just have a glass at any point of a sunny day watching people passing by and friends shaking hands, you know the deal: this is a feel-good-place, easy-going, nice, very Parisian, just ’round the corner of the Aligre market, just perfect.

They serve paté and cured ham on wooden platters, you can go for just a piece of cheese or have some salami with cornichon pickles, in wintertime they’re cracking oysters here – and over eating and drinking you could forget that you’re in Paris because this feels like good, calm provincial life. Le Baron Rouge offers a short break from the bustling, hectic city, that’s quite priceless, isn’t it?

Good feelings by the glass: you'll find a companion at "Le Baron Rouge".

One comment

  1. you’re friccan killing me!…..qu’est qu’on peut faire en amerique?…

    tomorrow is memorial day ( holiday) in our little town—you must see it sometime…


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