Go have a pair of Wieners…

…in a roll, in Germany, in Bavaria. It’s no country for old men, in fact you need a stomach like an ox (and some beer) to swallow down all the sausages, the “Frankfurters”, “Wieners”, the dark-red “Polish” guys and the herbed “Krakauers”, the “Knackers”, the fine and the coarse “Bratwurst”, the “Blutwurst”, the “Weisswurst”, the “Goettinger” and “Regensburger” and, yes, the “Krautwurst”.
They’re all good, believe me, hearty, rustic, original, authentic, very much on the very basic carnivore’s side, so they’re definitely not French food. Which is nice, for a change.

wiener max

One comment

  1. Anton Bergdorf

    Hey bring back some good food, sausages etc, I am ready for GremanKuzine!

    love to you all Benny

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