I love, love, love, love sardines…

…the big guys from Brittany or the small ones from Southern shores. I wouldn’t know any other food that was so ridiculously cheap and yet so incredibly delicious. Fry them – lightly coated – in a pan, and you’ll get a crunchy snack. Marinate them in vinegar and wine, and you’ll have an elegant apéro. Cook and grind them with lots of garlic, parsley and lemon juice, and you’ll produce a great spread for your small toasts or Italian style crostini. Grill them on a barbecue (brushed with strong French mustard), and say hello to deep summer feelings. Cook them in saké and miso, and they’ll bring a Japanese breeze to your table.

Small fish, great dish: fresh French sardines.

I had some tonight. And I admit, I was greedy, gourmand, as the French say. On a street market, I had not only found the great small fish but some spinach as well and some great mushrooms and so I improvised sort of a fast food dinner. Here you go (and feel free to find the recipe for the spinach salad here):

Sardines, spinach, mushrooms: another kind of fast food.

One comment

  1. Anton Bergdorf

    Looks great, I once saw two Italian fishermen eating sardines in Venice, wow the technique, they were the masters of sardine eating. I could not get this eating scene of my head, so when I got back home after the holiday, I TRYED! and let me tell you it all went very wrong, I HAVE NEVER HAD SO MANY FISH BONES IN MY MOUTH AT THE SAME TIME! sadly I have not tried since. maybe soon! Anton

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