The street markets make Paris…

…and they deliver the products you need to cook all the great recipes your cook books may contain. The one on Boulevard Richard Lenoir (named, by the way, after two industrials who once upon a time brought the cotton to Paris) is an excellent, yet unpretentious, non-touristic market held every Tuesday and Friday – and shopping there is really worth it, it’s a place to save money and get great products in return!

This merchant says he's a decoration maniac: Richard-Lenoir market.

I wasn’t aware of its quality but my friend Christelle showed me around and pointed out the good stuff. One of the greengrocers here, a rustic Arab salesman, offers deals that seem to good to be true: great apples at one Euro per kilogram, two firm cucumbers for one Euro, wonderful melons for no money…I don’t know how he does it, yet that’s his problem, isn’t it? I stick to just admiring such a great sense of business and competition.

What else can you find here? Well, what about a nice horse steak?

You either like it or hate it: horse butcher in Paris.

Or some first class potatoes?

Potatoes are an art, too: a Paris merchant.

Best thing is, I suppose, to just let yourself go here on Richard-Lenoir: just enjoy the colours, the life, the shouting vendors, the barking dogs, the endless possibilities of purchasing decent products for decent food at decent prices, enjoy this occasion that (in Europe) only Paris can offer. I’m kidding? No! I really mean it!

Spring is here: an old lady doing her proper cash-check.


  1. Georg

    I didn’t know they eat horse meat in Paris. I know it from my home town where it is quiet common and I love it e.g. as marinated beef or just as a sausage together with home made potato salad. Oddly enough some people seem to have an inner threshold if it’s about horse meat.

  2. Horse still is quite a big business here, Georg. There’s horse butchers in almost every neighbourhood in Paris although not as many as, say, 20 years ago. I like these German style horse sausages, too. Had great ones on a street market in Kaiserslautern long ago…
    Why are people shy with horse meat? I don’t know either. Maybe we look at them as pets (like dogs) or we think them to be somewhat too “noble” to be butchered?

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