Lasagne making makes you slow down…

…’cause there’s a lot of handicraft involved. It needs time, it needs skills, so it’s a perfect way to kill a day on a chilly weekend. Count at least 5 hours for the real ragù bolognese, count another two to three if you’re going for a home-made pasta dough (with every f… sheet cooked individually!). Apart from that you’ll only need a hand-made béchamel sauce, lots of best butter, a ton of parmesan cheese and…a hot oven.

Too much effort? Well, you’ll get good things in return: happy children and adult admiration and the feeling to have concentrated on a really important issue at least this time: real food, good food. You’ll drink dark red wine with it, what else?, maybe some Grappa after and you will feel like a cooking king.

Many rivers to cross: home-made Lasagne.

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