I’ve murdered a steak at around noon…

…and I feel terribly guilty. What happened? Well, if I knew, it wouldn’t have happened, would it? Here’s the story: I had bought a beautiful chunk of Entrecôte seconde, a pound of prime meat (sort of a French rib-eye, look at this professional website to find out more). I’ve seasoned it, seared it, put it in the oven to roast for a couple of minutes, I did baste it with butter, garlic and thyme, I gave it time to rest and relax – but I had it all wrong. In the end, my steak was almost as well done as a shoe sole which is to be considered the eighth deadly sin…and I felt like pointing the cutting knife towards myself.

I fully agree to Momofuku’s David Chang (as he put it in his brilliant cook book): “If you fuck up, you fucked up a piece of meat that costs a lot of money. That somebody took care to raise and slaughter and dry-age and butcher. That makes you an asshole…”. That is stark and, yes, even inappropriate language, yet I fully agree to the content. It’s no joke killing animals for our culinary pleasures. So once they’re in your pan you better get it right. Next time!

Looks good but it wasn't: an utterly failed steak.


  1. Michael Stiebel

    They say that murder is sometimes not so bad, especially if there’s passion involved. Clearly, you are passionate about cooking, and it was your money and heck you have children so give them the screwups while you learn the craft of cooking. Good steak? First, make sure you have bought a decent cut of meat – it’s Paris so you probably bought old horsemeat – yep, those Boucheries know how to rob you. I would say that you are very particular person, dear Ullrich, and that you did everything by the book – so go out, find a decent butcher next time, and try again!! :0)

    • I appreciate your effort to comfort me, dear Michael, and for a split second I really thought about blaming it on the butcher (or even the cow!) – yet this steak’s soul goes on me and my wrong timing, lack of skills, there’s no reasonable way out. It WAS a decent cut of meat, and you know what?, most of the butchers here are fine masters of their noble profession, at least the ones I enrich. Yes, next time…we’ll do better.

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