Going Japanese on Ascension Day…

…when many men in many European countries stroll around having lots of beers and barbecues, that made half of my day today. I had good friends sitting at the table and green tea was our smooth companion. Thanks to Harumi’s grrrreat book about easy Japanese cooking I was able to prepare dishes like mackerels cooked in saké, tofu steak, miso soup, green pea rice – and you may call me vain but everything was, well, quite good.

Thank you, Harumi: Tofu as a steak.

It’s funny how we go through different phases when it comes to home cooking and eating, isn’t it? I don’t know about you but we were discussing the issue today: how we prefer French food for weeks and months before maybe turning to Caribbean style or Chinese cooking, how we go through meat or fish or chicken phases, how we get addicted to the Italian cuisine for a while before dropping it cooly even for German kraut-and-wurst-munching.

I’m in a full-blown Japanese phase right now, that’s for sure. I admire the simplicity of their food, the elegance, the health aspect. I love the way they turn weird liquids like saké, mirin and sugared soy sauces into taste explosives, I love their use of ginger and spring onions, the little twists that can turn a bowl of rice into something interesting (by adding a spoonful of saké, for example). Anyway, I hope this phase will last for quite a while. Tofu and Miso and all these other new friends make me feel good. Here’s another snapshot of our Ascension Day meal:

Japanese phase: Miso soup, mackerels, tofu, mmmmh!


  1. Anton Bergdorf

    WOW, maybe I will be invited someday! looks very good. And by the way, when will you buy that new pan! meat pan! xxx Anton

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