French sea bass, before and after…

…a 40-minutes-walk through the hot oven – is one of my favourite products and meals. It doesn’t take skills, just some salt and good oil, and there’s variations without limits: add potatoes and tomatos (like I did tonight), add fennel, carrots, mushrooms; put the fish on a bed of oranges and green lemons and peppercorns (why not?) or roast it over sweet peppers and capers or give it an Asian twist with pak choi, chili and soy sauce, this fish will never let you down (unless you overcook it). How to avoid overcooking? Well, that’s an equation with quite a few unknowns. It all depends on the size of the fish and it’s weight, on your oven and your mood. Keep trying!

A brother of the guy in the header here: French sea bass.

—————————————————40 minutes later———————————————-

Roast sea bass: in the South they call it "Loup de Mer"

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