Final day in the arena of the World Cup final…

…in Johannesburg’s “Soccer City” (heaven knows why the South Africans use the American term instead of the only valuable: football). Here, the winner’s going to take it all, fame, splendour, money, and on the upper floors the very important persons of world football and politics will enjoy gala dinners and rattle with their jewels while down on the lawn 22 men struggle for the ultimate crown. Here’s the change rooms of Johannesburg:

Messi might sit here: Change rooms in Johannesburg, Soccer City.

And here’s two pictures of the holy lawn:

Ready for the final: 1:0 would do in the end.

95.000 seats and one ball: We'll know more on July 11.

Are you still on French Food Fool? Or is this a football blog? Do not fear, my friends: I’ll be on my way home tonight and we’ll talk about French food again soon. But these pictures, believe me, are pretty exclusive stuff. You will hardly find them anywhere else. And food? This, too, is about food. Look at that: This is what South Africans are supposed to eat once the tournament will have started: Biltong! Biltong! Biltong! Me, frankly, I can’t hear it anymore…

Goodbye to you, dried beef: I won't miss you.

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