France will lose in Polokwane…

…playing Mexico in the World Cup, I’m afraid. The stadium in South Africa’s Limpopo region (or Capricorn!) will let no room for excuses though. I’ve explored the arena today and was impressed by its beauty and overall design. Across the street, imagine, there’s a game reserve to be found where I happened to meet white rhinos, giraffes, springbocks and zebras this afternoon. They’re more elegant, believe me, than even Lionel Messi!

They're mowing the pitch already: Polokwane World Cup stadium this morning.

Ocean Basket: a fair-priced South African restaurant.

Good for the French team that they will bring their own cooks and food and stuff. ‘Cause here as in any South African provincial town fast food is king with Kentucky Fried Chicken being the emperor. I had dinner tonight in yet another shopping mall named Savannah, I ate at Ocean Basket, a seafood chain operating countrywide. On the menu: fish & chips of all kinds and a Seafood Platter, pretty much deep-fried, complete with mussels, calamari, prawns and other fries, an opulent meal for 88 Rand, that’s only 8 Euros (10,50 US$) – and in the end I felt, compared to the dining experiences I had so far, that this was a very good deal, in fact.

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