Here’s to all pretentious South African chefs…

…who deal with snails and cream on Sirloin steaks, “oak-smoked” hot salmon fillets, pecan nut and Amaretti desserts, to all in Johannesburg and elsewhere who believe in that fusion stuff that nobody really needs and to those who charge prices for less-than-average meals that add up to a monthly salary of two policemen and five nurses in Johannesburg or Soweto or the Cape flats: GET LOST! GET SERIOUS!! DO BETTER!!!

Don’t go on with steaks like this, served in the fake Tuscan village of Monte Casino in Johannesburg (complete with onion rings and French fries worse than an average Fast Food chain’s):

Steak & snails: sounds French, tastes South African.

Stop kidding your clients, especially at The Westcliff Hotel, probably one of the most expensive and prestigious hotels in the whole of Africa, by serving salmon steaks that lack any taste, any refinement, any idea, even salt!

A fish named Wanda: a chunk of salmon in Johannesburg.

Stop earning money. Start preparing good food. The people you serve deserve it.

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