They serve “Stella Artois” in Pretoria…

…the South African and the world’s capital of fast food chains, if you asked me. In buzzing downtown, there’s hamburgers, nachos and Portuguese chicken wings sold at every corner and hardly anything else. Yet there’s Café Riche, too, on Church Square, founded in 1905 and “reestablished in 1994” when Nelson Mandela took power, so it’s a noble place. Here, you can find paté, but made of Biltong (dried beef), French salad (composed of green leaves, shallots and – celery?), and the Salade Café Riche as pictured below.

Nuts and stuff: salade "Café Riche" in Pretoria.

In France, you would call it a salade folle, a crazy thing made of cheese and noodles and raisins and Biltong and so on. Quite ok, actually, and prices are modest, 40 Rand for this, 4 Euros (5,50 US$) which of course is a fortune for many South Africans. And Café Riche? Is it a nice place? Have a look:

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