South Africa isn’t warming up to me…

…foodwise, that is. I mean, I enjoy it a lot to stroll around Johannesburg. All the people I meet are gentle and welcoming, yet I somehow make the wrong choices whenever it comes to ordering (or just buying) food. Let me guide you through my day. It started here:

Design or not design: tomato, 2 slices.

It didn’t went on much smoother due to my packed agenda (it’s a big hassle getting from A to B in Johannesburg, it is a vast city). Lunch had to be just a quick stop over – and in a pretty fancy Woolworth food market I found out that they love processed food here. In a supermarket like this, you can hardly find anything fresh, it’s all wrapped, packaged, prefab. I asked my local guide to show me a real street market, he just said: “Well, err, actually, you know, well, there isn’t any, I’m afraid.”

Take away: it's processed food everywhere in Jo'burg.

So went the day. My stomach and soul were getting really hungry and we finally made it to a nice modern restaurant in nice modern Melville, announced as a “fusion” place, forgot the name already. At the table next to me sat a very sad blond woman with her very sad parents talking about very sad issues (money, lost love). I had a tasteless oxtail soup and then fish as a main course, a very South African dish: Kingklip, a firm thing, quite chewy, accompanied by a nice potato mash and “a creamy mustard sauce”, here’s what I’ve got:

South African Fish: just another dish.

Ok, I agree. It’s all my fault (or my local guide’s). It’s just bad luck and we will do better from tomorrow on.

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