Isigny is the world’s butter capital…

…sitting on the coast of Normandy in a remote corner of France yet it is not one of those pittoresque province towns you might imagine. People here work hard in the dairy factories, it’s all about milk and cheese and butter. I already had products from Isigny on hotel breakfast tables in Hongkong and New York, so “ça rigole pas” as they say in French, it’s serious business.
My favorite place to go in Isigny has nothing to do with milk and butter though: it’s Jean-Luc Valognes’ butcher shop where you can find lamb from the salty meadows along the coast, milk-fed veal, real tripes, that’s intestines, and so on. Valognes’ products win awards year after year, he’s a master charcutier and here you get a glimpse of his famous Paté de Campagne, a Grand-Prix-winner of 2009, a real must whenever you’d make it to Isigny:

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