“Cru” means raw, which is what you get here…

…at Cru, a small flashy restaurant opened 9 month ago in the Village Saint Paul close to the metro station of the same name. At number 7, rue Charlemagne, inmidst of a Marais postcard-like street scene, you’ll find Cru, half bar, half restaurant and there’s even a nice terrace al fresco. It’s a cool, modern bistro with an amazing menu: raw fish, raw beef, raw vegetables, and that’s almost it. They come as salads, tartares, carpaccios. And they’re all pretty good, some are outstanding, some are still better than average.

Yes, you can have cooked meals, too, but why would you go for them? The raw stuff is what this is about, so you’d better go for these signature dishes. I had the plate pictured below and a beef tartare Thai style which wasn’t food for beginners, really. Only coarsely chopped by hand it needed two glasses of wine to get it down properly. Other obstacles? Prices are a bit prohibitive, the mains especially feel overpriced. There’s a lunch menu for 19 Euros (25 US$), which isn’t cheap either (but there’s coffee included).

Almost finished: a nice plate of asparagus, half grilled, half "cru".

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