Greek crisis? Here’s an austerity dish…

…called psomí jemistó, a Greek kind of an Italian Calzone, a bread stuffed with olives, sweet peppers, feta cheese and so on. Tonight, I’ve prepared it for the first time although I had kept an eye on it for years. Here’s the picture from the recipe book I’ve always found quite tempting:

Psomí what? A Greek bread from a C. Teubner book.

It’s from a book by the highly renowned German food photographer Christian Teubner who could fill a whole library with his work. And here’s what I’ve produced two hours ago:

Stuffed bread, Greek style: it's not lobster...

It’s quite close, isn’t? And it’s vegetarian, it’s cheap, it’s tasty, so it really is good food which real Greek people can surely turn into a delicacy. My psomí, well, it wasn’t lobster, really, I should have added some more salt, some more pepper, but we ate it joyfully (and I liked the fact that you definitely need some wine to get it down).

Find the full recipe in my ever-growing recipe section! Or go directly to my GREEK CRISIS BREAD! And say a little prayer for our Greek friends who are heading for very, very tough times. What do you say? So are we altogether? I know, I know. Maybe that’s why I really try to improve my bread-baking skills. Who knows what it will be good for very soon…!

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