Stop going to the supermarkets, will you…

…and buy fresh food on a market instead, whenever you have the chance. The benefits are manifold: it’s fresh, it’s cheaper, it’s local (if it’s a real market), and there’s much less packaging involved as you can see on the picture below. With these nice things in stock, I’ll feed my family for the next four days or so.

All fresh: food for four, for four days or so.

In the packages on the lower right there’s some beef hiding (and bones, for a good home-made stock), in the blue-and-white-bag on top you’d find four mackerels which I will prepare Japanese style for lunch today, with the help of Harumi Kurihara who’s book Everyday Harumi has been an eye-opener to me. Since I’ve read it, I have Mirin and Sake, Miso paste and Japanese rice always close at hand. Harumi might teach you, too, that it’s possible to cook Japanese for everybody, even for you and me.

And what do you think about the Kiwis with the French sashes? They look like, well,  mayors amongst fruit, don’t they? And believe me or not, they are humming: Allons, enfants de la patrie…


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