“Frenchie” is not that French, actually…

…despite the fact that you have to wait at least 5 to 6 weeks to get a table there. In other words: this restaurant in remote Rue du Nil is so fashionable right now that no womens’ magazine wouldn’t have covered it already. I think it’s fair to say that Frenchie is the most prominent place to eat in Paris right now (together with Yam’tcha, where a French lady is cooking Chinese).

The cook here spent some time in Britain working for “naked chef” Jamie Oliver, now he has re-imported an air of New British to Paris. The concept is extremely risky but it works (at least for me): the menu consists of only two starters and two mains, imagine, so you can’t avoid to expect sensational food. The good thing is: you won’t be disappointed. Frenchie meets highest expectations.

Dark dish: a fabulous mackerel entrée.

What you can see above (or can’t see because of the poor lighting) is a smoked mackerel fillet à la Frenchie accompanied by an Escabeche garnish (which can mean almost anything, actually, as long as it contains some carrots, garlic, parsley). This made a perfect starter, a fresh theme, surprising, somewhat exotic, very very good overall. My main course didn’t really match that perfection, yet I very much liked it, too. I had “duck, carrots, blood orange, dandelion” – which came with an interesting Asian note.

Two starters, two mains: not much of a choice.

So it must be expensive, right? 100 plus Euros per head? Well, fasten your seat belt (and dial Frenchie’s number right now): a three-course-menu costs 35 Euros only (46 US$), that’s an extremely competitive price in Paris. For that money it’s very hard to find a chef in Paris equally talented, equally daring and ambitious. I’m pretty sure though he’ll be buried under a first Michelin-star soon…pity.

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