There’s more than one best baguette in Paris…

Ten of these were “perfect”: best baguettes 2010.

…the jury has announced that the top ten bread samples handed in for yesterday’s annual competition for La meilleure baguette de Paris were just “perfect”. So here’s the (shopping) list for your records:

  1. Le Grenier à pain (Michel Galloyer et Anne-Marie Guillard): 38, rue des Abbesses, Paris 18ème
  2. Daniel Pouphary: 28, rue Monge, Paris 5ème.
  3. Macaron’s café (Dominique Saibron): 77, avenue du Général Leclerc, Paris 14ème.
  4. Yves Desgranges: 6, rue de Passy, Paris 16ème.
  5. Philippe Gosselin: 258, boulevard St. Germain, Paris 7ème.
  6. Xavier Doue: 163, avenue de Versailles, Paris 16ème.
  7. Jocelyn Lohezic: 143, rue de Courcelles, Paris 17ème.
  8. La Boulangerie d’Isa (Isabel Gaveta): 127, rue de Charenton, Paris 12ème.
  9. Mohamed Zerzour: 50, rue de L´l’Amiral Roussin, Paris 15ème.
  10. Mohamed Zerzour: 324, rue Lecourbe, Paris 15ème.

This means, by the way, that the twitter leak from yesterday night proved – almost – right: The winner is in fact Le Grenier à pain in Montmartre but the baker’s name seems to have been confused…


  1. mzimbeck

    It’s both right and wrong (the twitter leak) – the owners of the store are Michel Galloyer et Anne-Marie Guillard, and the name of the baker is Djibril Bodian. Most reports choose to honor the individual baker rather than the shop, and the pronouncement on-site (according to Phyllis Flick) awarded the baker, Djibril Bodian. Either way, it’s great to eat!

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